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Welcome to Design track mind by Melissa Gulley

I am an interior designer from Newton, MA having a lot of fun writing this blog between client appointments, kid stuff, kid school stuff, dog stuff, husband stuff, husband's company stuff (, life stuff, old house stuff, family stuff, extended family stuff and the rest of the detail stuff. I am not a writer (clearly) so please ignore the typo's, spelling mistakes and desperate need for proofreading.
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This Blog

Dec 30, 2010

Sick of boring bathrooms

I am sick of boring bathrooms- actually I am sick of boring everything.  You all know I encourage the personalized, original, inspired, unique.  This has nothing to do with style- I just want individualized anything.  The bathroom is a particularly fun place to design, you can do a lot without getting sick of it- you're only in there for a minute or two.  Think of it as a little jewel box.

Check out these interesting spaces:


bed bath

Apartment therapy

Notice that many of the bathrooms (not all) used simple classic plumbing fixtures and then added character that could be changed without calling the plumber or costly construction.


Pragmatic Mom said...

You always have such great and inspirational ideas. I am sick of my boring bathroom so I am going to study these carefully! Thanks for your wonderful posts, as always!!!

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