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All KornerKing modules are available in Select
Select Line

  • Solid Aspen Dovetail drawers
  • 4" tall drawers
  • Blum under mount slides with soft close feature
  • Side wings constructed with Solid Aspen
  • Durable catalyzed finish
  • All units are retrofit for easy installation
  • 3 diameters available

Corner 1 Drawer Module

This corner cabinet option will work well for any corner cabinet. Consisting of a single drawer and 2 side pockets, it allows you the access for those most used item. The sides give you a place to store less used items.

A 12" bearing and Blum under mount slides on the drawer make it a snap to operate. Installation takes just minutes and only requires a screwdriver. The module can be used by itself or coupled with a 2 drawer module to maximize storage.

Corner 2 Drawer Module

This 2 drawer corner cabinet option will give you lots of storage for canned goods or smaller appliances. Unit rotates on a 12" bearing for easy access to items stored on the side wings.

If your cabinet has a fixed shelf, you can combine it with a single drawer module to maximize storage. The dovetailed drawers are mounted on Blum under mount slides with a soft close feature so they glide into a closed position.

Corner 3 Drawer Module

The real all in one solution for your corner cabinet.This unit gives you the storage and access of 3 drawers ,mounted on Blum under mount slides, for easy operation. In addition the 3 side wings give storage of those less used items.

Mounted on a large 12" bearing , this module will quickly become your "go to" cabinet. Whether you are storing canned goods or plastic ware, everything is easy to reach.

Easy installation means you will be able to quickly get organized.

Corner 2 Drawer Cookware Module

Need storage for bulkier items? This 2 drawer module, with storage platform for larger items such as cookware, fits conveniently into that corner by the stove.

With 2 drawers for storing lids and smaller pans you will be able to leave the large platform open for bulkier items, such as cookware. The side wings can be used to store small appliances.

Corner Baking Center

Designed for the smaller corner. This Artisan baking center allows for baking items to be stored in one common area. With everything at hand you will be able to bake like a French Chef.

Storing your small appliances on the top shelf, baking sheets in the middle dividers, and oils on the side, everything will be readily accessible when you are in the creative mode.
Upper Cabinet Rotating Pullout

Finally, an upper corner cabinet solution that really works. No more having to unload the cabinet to get whats in back. This corner wall cabinet module w/ pullout and adjustable shelf eliminates the frustration. No more having items fall off that lazy susan thing.

With 2 sides, that pull out for easy reach, and adjustable levels, you will find this a convenient way to make use of your upper corner cabinet. A large platform on the top gives you storage for those less used items.
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