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Welcome to our Scratch and Dent page

Save 20% off our regular price.

These are items that have minor cosmetic flaws. The structure is good as new and will work the same as our normal units.

Inventory is limited to items we have and offer will be removed when gone.

No other discounts will apply.

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31" Lazy Susan turntable w/ bearing
31" Lazy Susan turntable w/ bearing
Retail $142.00
DIY Price $124.96

This 31" diameter Lazy Susan is designed to fit into a corner cabinet where the drawer of our regular KornerKing module is not needed. Available as a 1 piece unit or 2 piece for inserting into a tight space.

Mounted on a large 12" bearing with positive indent for locking it into position, this Lazy Susan will give you access to items in the back
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