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 Hello to everyone!

We are Shelley and Pete Mai. We are the inventors of the KornerKing system. As woodworkers and cabinet makers for over 25 years we had always struggled with how to make a usable corner cabinet. We put in both lazy susans as well as corner drawers. Shelley finally said "Why don't you put them both in a combined unit?"

With a full shop at my disposal, I built a prototype that worked. From there it was refining to make it usable for cabinetmakers. Along the line we listened to feedback from our customers. We made everything so it would retrofit into existing cabinets. This made it so cabinets did not  have to be modified. From the original concept of a drawer on a lazy susan, we incorporated 2 drawers for more storage. We now offer it with 3 levels for maximum storage.

Our latest refinements include :
  • A "cookware" version to allow storage of larger items.  
  • A module for upper corners to give you access into that hard to reach space.
  • A baking center for organizing all your baking needs

As you browse our site we encourage you to think about how it might help you organize your space. Whether you are a homeowner or a cabinet maker you will find many advantages to using the KornerKing concept over an old fashioned lazy susan.

We invite your feedback.
Let us know what you think. Make suggestions on how we might improve or expand our product line.

Thank you,

Shelley and Pete